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“The JEJ shall serve as an instrument of the government, to help promote full adequate employment for the Filipino people, premised on just and humane working conditions, and to maintain good will with host countries to which this nation has diplomatic relations".

“The JEJ shall remain a law abiding entity, having in mind the interests of the country and its people first, and its own, last in the order of its business priorities”.

“The JEJ aims to be on top, and its reputation untarnished, not in terms of economic gains and benefits, but resulting from the respect and recognition given by all, on its sincerity to serve and serve first.”



In obtaining this VISION

“The JEJ shall establish and maintain an efficient and transparent operational system, in accord with law, so that all applicants are treated and given equal chances of overseas employment;”

“The JEJ shall seek only those overseas employment opportunities that would be beneficial to the interest of the country and its citizenry”

“The JEJ shall accommodate only those employers/countries whose laws abide with internationally accepted principles of law, protective of labor and respecting human rights".



“ The JEJ shall serve the Filipino workers and their foreign employers with HONESTY, DEDICATION AND PROFESSIONALISM”