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The JEJ basically performs the following screening and pre-qualification activities:

  • Classification of qualified applicants based on their credentials verifiable certificates
  • Training, skills up-grading and trade testing
  • Completion of documentary requirements
  • Basic medical examination
  • Short-listing of applicants and submission of bio-data to the employers prior to interview or for bio-data selection
  • Regular In-house preliminary briefing and conducts pre-departure orientation seminar
  • Deployment of workers within the period desired by the employers
  • Monitoring of the status and welfare of the workers as well as the needs of the employers after deployment.

The JEJ in this regard has established an ISO-like operational system. It is computerized in its internal data-base and adopts an internal system which is responsive to the operational demands of effectiveness and efficiency.

The JEJ has a well structured organization extending to its branch offices. It also has adopted operational procedures on a per country basis, to suit the demands of smooth, continuous and quick processing of workers, from day one to deployment and even extending to post-deployment procedures to give assistance to the workers deployed.

The JEJ has existing system and plan of action in case the workers are repatriated voluntarily or involuntarily, to help ease the burden of its employers and to alleviate the sufferings of unfortunate workers.