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This protocol welcomes other foreign employers or foreign manpower agencies  who may wish to cooperate  as well as obtain/employ their desired and qualified filipinos through JEJ.

To do that, the  following requirements need be accomplished, signed or executed between the JEJ and its foreign principals, and, thereafter, to be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy, or by any Philippine Labor Attache or  Consulate office nearby,  in the country of employment and to be submitted to the POEA through the JEJ for their accreditation as JEJ’s foreign principals/employers:

  1. Copy of the commercial or business registration of the foreign principal.
  2. Standard Recruitment Agreement (SRA) between the JEJ and the foreign principal,  employer or foreign manpower agency.
  3. Letter-request addressed to the JEJ by the employers, or foreign manpower agencies, on the list of their manpower requirements,  the positions, salaries, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment.
  4. Standard Special Power of Attorney (SPA) issued by the employer, or manpower agency, appointing the JEJ as their Philippine manpower agent.
  5. Sample/Master Employment Contract (MEC) which the principal intends to use for their hired Filipino workers, likewise, stating the compensation package and other terms  and conditions of employment; and
  6. Standard Undertaking by the employer assuming Joint and Solidary Liability with the  JEJ on administrative liabilities.