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The JEJ presently deploys to first world and other Asian countries, to wit: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan for the following categories:


AUSTRALIA:  Automotive skilled workers; Sheet Metal Fabricators; Engineering, Construction and Mining workers; F & B attendants; Linesmen; Draftsmen. The JEJ is experienced to qualify and deploy workers covered by the 457 visa / category.


CANADA:  Engineering and Construction workers; Truck Drivers and Automotive skilled workers, Healthcare workers; Oil and Gas Engineers and related skilled categories; Dairy workers; Food and Beverages and those covered by the LMO issuances and / or under the long term shortage list.


NEW ZEALAND:  Dairy Farm workers; Healthcare workers; Boat-builders; Welders and Metal Fabricators; Engineers; Plumbers, Slaughterers, Truck or Trailer drivers; Automotive skilled workers; Electricians and others under their long term occupational shortage list.


SINGAPORE:  Hospitality workers (gaming and non-gaming); Pharma-industry; Petro-Chem and / or Oil and Gas Engineers and skilled workers; Civil, Mechanical and Mining Engineers and other engineering requirements; IT Professionals and Shipbuilding-Shiprepair skilled workers.


TAIWAN & MALAYSIA:  Manufacturing, Hospitality and Health-care workers.